a big empty room (14x14m), with an elevated stage

a buffet of candy, snacks and soda


confetti bombs


glitter tape

five microphones

loads of smoke

music (Schoolboy Q, Jamie xx, Childish Gambino)

a bunch of instruments (drums, flute, guitars, bass, accordion, percussions, keyboards, a piano, saxophone, clarinette, violin, whistle)

a mobile audience

35 party dressed musicians doing the Pacus Maximus, decorating the room, tagging walls and floors, playing camp fire songs, rehearsing shoreline, chit chatting, sipping soda, eating candy, dancing, reading text and performing a cover song (SIA)


Concept and direction: GomesLechQuigley

Lights and sound: Kjell

Camera: Stefan Nilsson

By and with:

Production: Riksteatern, Riksteatern Norrbotten, Piteå riksteaterförening

Developed and performed at Strömbackagymnasiet 2015