cropped-dsc_0183_.jpga room with an elevated stage, curtains closed

three tables

a hangout space with sofas, armchair, pillows

a dress-up space with make-up, bling and whigs

a buffet of cremant, cava, prosecco and snacks

a cinema

a private space

tomato soup, bread and butter


a projector

a laminator

a secret suitcase

two movies

a bunch of plastic animals

a record player playing the dirty dancing soundtrack

tin soldiers

a meat cone

home made card decks

music from loudspeakers (Kanye West, Kraftwerk, Miss007, Lil Debbie, Jorge Ben, Lou Reed, Jamie xx, Young Thug, Schoolboy Q, Childish Gambino…)

audience in rock, pop and movie T-shirts and pins.

three performers making one to one and one to two performances, decorating and tagging the room, building a 3-D puzzle of objects, reading text, changing outfits, drinking, smoking, flirting, dancing, crying and creating discussions with eachother and the audience

glitter tape

a reversed anti-instrumentalisation pinjata including audience in sunglasses .

a playlist (Miley Cyrus, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi)

a guitar


a wrecking ball


a backstage

a party


Concept and direction: GomesLechQuigley

Tech: Hector Eguia

Camera: Nicklas Wedin

Crew: Cilla D, Cilla Ds Kids, StumfilmsKlara, Assane, Elsa Wikander.

By and with: Mariana Suikkanen Gomes, Mattias Lech and Benjamin Quigley

Developed with support from konstnärsnämnden and Stockholms stads kulturförvaltning

Performed at Tegelscenen, Stockholm 2015